Punjab University and Karachi University Striving for Educational Excellence

The university of Karachi is known for producing large amount of research output in the form of patent, international peer reviewed, journals and holding academic conferences on a consistent basis. In year 2008 the university got the reward for its meritorious services in the dissemination of quality education as it was nominated for The-QS World [...]

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1.INTRODUCTION: World economies have recognized Information Technology as an effective tool in catalyzing the economic activity in efficient governance and in developing [...]

Engineer Careers and the Education You’ll Need

There is no second thought on capabilities of human resources in India and hence to nurture the lot education quality is constantly improving day by day, generating potential [...]

Distance Education Universities in India

Education has become an important element for human development. The life of an ordinary man is highly dependent on the degree of education you have and is the basis for [...]

Taking A Look At Punjab Examination Commission (PEC)

Punjab examination commission (PEC) is an autonomous body that is responsible for designing, developing, implementing, maintaining, monitoring, and evaluating elementary [...]

Profile and Palette

Mughees opened his eyes in a family that was somehow related to the visual arts. His father Mahmood Khalid Riaz is a well-known designer who inspired his sons to explore this [...]